Inshore Fly Fishing and Light Tackle 

Plymouth, Cape Cod & Islands


Target Species  

Striped Bass, Blue Fish, False Albacore, Bonito, Black Sea Bass

Our season begins in May as the migratory stripers hit our local waters here on Cape Cod and Plymouth. We have the ability to target these fish on foot especially at night during this period in back bays, estuaries and rivers. Once we establish a pattern by the middle of May we  target these fish by boat. Our fleet  "Betty Anne"  18 foot Center Console and our 17 foot Flats Skiff "Osprey".
We do offer charters for black Sea Bass for a few weeks in May and June since we have the ability to target them inshore during their migration. 
Late May and June may be a favorite month here on our waters. Your first great opportunity to target a trophy striped bass. Great fishing all around as the bait haven't truly dispersed yet and the fish are congregated under birds. 
July continues to provide a consistent bite in the early mornings and night. Although the inshore bite in the bays slows down with the hotter water temps. We begin to start seeing larger bait and blue fish at this time.
August another favorite month although as it sets up for the fall run. As the tempatures cool off in the bays the bait begins to gather. August is a great time as target some larger stripers as they begin to make there migration down south. We also start to see reports of Bonito. We begin to scout and target our favorite Little Tunny also referred as False Albacore by the end of the month. It's hard to shift focus from the Little Tunny when they arrive! 
By September you cannot afford a day off on the water. As fish are now back inshore as the Stripers and Blue fish migrate south and the little Tunny are causing absolute havock on the massive bait balls and diving birds. This is the month were you can complete the Cape Cod Slam of a Striped Bass, Bluefish, Bonito and Little Tunny. 
October can still provide a consistent bite, the days on the water come harder to come by with the ocean conditions. We typically fish till the end of October before winterizing our vessels. 
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