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Captain Brian Kelly

Behind the Guide

In the Spring of 2018 Brian was headed to Montana to attend a Fly Fishing Guide School. He learned drift boat rowing on the Big Horn river as well as a jet boat training. Water safety, fly tying, casting instruction, sight fishing as well as a wealth of knowledge from the senior instructors. Earning his Guide Certicate, First Aid and CPR training before returning home.

All the while he had his eye on a Parker 1801CC. Since 2018 Captain Kelly each season had well over hundred trips with close friends and anglers on the "Betty Anne". Dialing in flie selections, line types, knot connections, lures and equipment. While also taking friends and family on the water practicing his guiding skills and boat handling. 

Captain Kelly could be seen at his internship with a local Fly Shop to stay emersed in the sport. Continuing his education for maintenance, equipment, clothing, flie selections, institutional knowledge and fly tying. Helping him to advance further into his new career path. 

Becoming an absolute focus and passion from the books to the vice and on the water. Having already developed a career in 2008 spent with dogs hiking and navigating the outdoors. Shaping and enabling him as much time as possible on the water in a fishery that he loves and protects. Bringing to you the knowledge and tools to further grow the future of Salt Water Fly Fishing and Light Tackle. 

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